Bright Sunshine! creativity exercise

Many photographers prefer scheduling sessions during the early morning or late afternoon hours due to the softer light qualities at that time. Occaisionally, such as during the longer days of summer it is just not possible to schedule at the ideal natural light hours. Today I ventured out with my little ones at the worst time possible. All of these images were created between 11:30am – 1pm, though I did not photograph the entire time. I started out with just my little one in the garden while my older son attended a class at Kidville Midtown West. After his class we grabbed a bite to eat and resumed after a short lunch. These days my big 4 year old just doesn’t have any patience for my camera, so we explored the foilage, made rock soup and found (really a gardner gave us) a yellow tomato. Tomatos are the only vegetable my little man loves to eat so he was eager to have a picture made of it. Enjoy…

















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