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The Newborn Experience, your new life with baby

There is nothing more special in life than meeting your child for the first time. As a mom and wife, there is a part of me that wants to believe that my wedding day was the most memorable, but hey, we’ve made this journey together and creating a new life just trumps everything.

When my first son was born I recall being overjoyed but also overwhelmed with the thought of the days that lie ahead (eh, some days I still feel overwhelmed), I had literally walked out of the hospital with a tiny 8lb baby and felt  as if the nurse had handed me the child and said “here, keep it alive” and waived us on our way. In reality, that’s not quite what happened but I was clearly the definition of overwhelmed. Ahh, the joys of first time parenthood! Thankfully by the time my second son was born, my husband and I were more like “paper work, check, car seat, check, pacifier, check… oh wait, grab that toddler running down the hall, check”  and we were out the door, hailing a taxi to the comfort of our home. And yes, the first child had a car service.

All these intense emotions of love and joy are so unique to those first few days you bring your child home. There is truly nothing else like beginning this new journey with your child. It is within these first couple weeks of life that I photograph newborns, typically in the comfort of your own home where mommy, bottles and nappies are at your convenience and baby can take all the feeding breaks he needs. With newborns, I work quietly, catching both the spontaneous and the guided moments. During a session my clients are simply who they are, sometimes tearing up with joy, feeling real emotion, laughing, day dreaming of the future. It’s these moments that produce the most personal images, and it’s these moments that I think my clients treasure the most.

Please call us today to schedule your session, arrangements can be made months prior to arrival to ensure a reservation. We recommend that your newborn portrait session be completed within the first 14 days of your newborn’s life, with a tentative date & time scheduled no later than 4 weeks in advance. Contact us today:


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